Here's a little story about us and our kennel name, but not easy to make it short when we have experienced a lot :)



Little about us and how everything started

 Hi, we are Robert and Tanja Bekkelund, marrid since 1987 and we have 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl, our princessJ

 We moved back to  Norway in 2010 after 10 year living in Spain.

 We live IN Kongsvinger about 100 km north from Oslo. WE FINALY GOT OUR SMALL FARM :-)


 Our very first mastiff was a bullmastiff boy, Brutus. We had him on a “carer agreement”, so in 1988 we bought our first napolitan mastiff and our story started.

 Our Kennel name “star mastino”  we selected early in 89/90.

 We imported a male from kennel Alta fiumara, owner and judges Antonio de Lorenzo, Italia.  Is name was Unno de alta fiumara and he became fast NUCH SUCH INT UCH.

 He was a lovely dog and a sweet temper.

 In 1991 we bought our first English mastiff from kennel Bredwardine in England.

 we fell for this breed and bought several over the years that followed and we chose to focus more on the English mastiff than the Neapolitan mastiff.  Some of the reasons were is not easy to breed a rare breed, we imported 4 males and 1 female in 10 years only on the EM and 3 males and 2 females on napolitan mastiff

 When we started with EM, we did because we thought it had to be possible to breed them better in the bone and anatomy and no problems with the legs.

 And we made it we got our own breed Star mastinos lady pippi to NUCH and Norwegian winner, her brother Star mastinos Lord Bobby became one of the most winning mastiffs and his title became  N S DK SF NORD. INT. UCH. EUROW-97 KBHV-97 NORDV-95-96 SV-97 NV-98

 We were very active on the show with both breeds. And got many champions.
It  was in the early 90's that I saw my first shih tzu on show and thought they looked great. the owner told me that they were not typical small dogs  and that they was intelligent young friends, which I know even today

 Breeding and exhibiting life took an sudden stop  in January 2000, when the house we lived in burned to the ground. That was our older mastiff bitch, Pippi, at about 90 kilos which awakened us at half past six in the morning, so we saved the lives of both humans and animals.             The house was in full blaze about 10 minutes after we got out.
After this, we decided that now was the time to make our dreams through five years,  to life, moving to Spain.

 Tanja went down 2 times before she found a suitable place. And in July 2000, we went down to a new start with a car, dog trailer, kids, 6 large dogs and cats.

 The new life gave us many challenges, culture, language, school, etc.

 So the exhibition and breeding were put on ice and the dogs got to enjoy retirement in Spain.

It has now been many years and our mastiffs are long gone, they are deeply missed, especially Pippi.

at the end of our lives in spain we started slowly with shih tzu and we are happy to be back in the ring and little tiny’s  beep in puppy crate :) we was also looking at chihuaha, but waited until we found our two here in Norway

We are so happy to also have  2 bullmastiffs, from spain

from 2008 untill 2017  we have imported from Belgium, lithauen, UK, Russia, Finland and Sweden. what we meen is the best blood on chihuahua and pomeranian.

it have cost a lot but we have now very good dogs from good lines.





 we have 4 breed , bull mastiff, shih tzu, pomeranian and chihuahua :)

think it is healthy to have more than one breed :)

you should be able to see the dog, regardless of breed, small or large.

one gets a broader view of the dog and much more experience.

and our bullmastiffs are use to small dogs, and the small dogs is not afraid of the big dogs:)