we have now 2 chihuahua girls, from Kennel Bernegården.

and we also have 2 own breed girls.

we have  import  2 growen up males,  1 girl and 1 boy puppy from My Pride and Joy, Belgia.

we have 2 girls, 1 sc and 1 lc from Shah Arpilin, Russia

all time since i got Bernergården in The mood i dream about a chi from Lina, today i have two and soon nr 3 will come, a dream come true.

to complet our lines from some of the best, we also got Alice from Helmiaisen, Finland, she have longcoat mum so we looking forward to breed her with Jaggie later.

we is so greatfull that this breeders trust us this lovely dogs.

     we looked at this lovely breed when we lived in Spain, but since the breed was new for us, we waited and we found our first chi in Norway.

if you shall have something good you shall use time, and Britt Marit and Bjarte have imported and had dogs for stud from some of the best lines in the world.

exsampel on kennels on their pedigrees,  Misty Meadows, Helmiaisen, Shah arpiilin, My pride and Joy

Now we have importet many and good dogs from this lines our self.

Anatomi, movement, nerve strong, good temper, good health and ofcause the good type is very importen factors.

we have known Britt Marit from very long time back, and know she have  had and still have exelent dogs, exsample her world known Sant Bernard.

we thanks for their trust ♡♡♡