il pericolo's hello kitty (kitty)


        this is our black and white Swedish lady                    a girl with a lot of sound and kicking

                              out of breeding 



                                Patellar Luxation :0-0

This is a super happy girl, she is after FI SE uch Ta maria fantasy goes on and SE DK uch il pericolo's Ella of Frell
Kittys pedigree is superb, full of div champions
She is the mother of our Basilla, see her page!

she has only been exhibited in Spain as a puppy, since she has a great love for both her and others' puppies, she has had problems having long hair, now we make more of hennne and not let the small tear in her coat:) so she possibly to see in the ring later this year 2012 and 2013 below here is her great pedigree, click on it and it get bigger :)