Import from the world famous kennelen Santosha, that have been breeding and showing for more than  40 years and show that the oldes is the best by winning  Crufts in  2011 og 2012 .


                Patellar Luxation: 0-0            eyes: free


 in the age of almost 8 year he became father to 8 puppys with a friend of us, one of his daughters will come and stay with us


here is his pedigree:

basil is from the good old blood and we are proud to own him.

He gives very heavy and good type puppys

Basil came to us when we lived in spain and have not been on many show.

we have been to just 2 show and  on one of them he got res. CC 

if we get is coat good we wil show him.

his children slowely cames out in the ring.

under here is some of his children:


ragazzo                   akiro                vår basilla


Gittan                                           Sigge