USI (godzilla)

                                                                      our lovely black senorita                                                   from spain

                                             out of breed now

                                                She died summer 2017 9.5 years old


                                                                    Patellar Luxation 0-0



She was our first girl in the herd and is a quiet girl but obviously the boss :)

She has a super building, with straight topline and a great head. She gives amazing beautiful children, good pigment, beautiful buildings, and her last litter with our dog Basil was super and we will do the combination again. must also be mentioned that her 3 male puppies with Hin Chen Two was also very good and it is so nice to see that she gives so much good of  herself, with two beautiful males.

She has been on only one exhibits, she did not like it:(
she got very good and great critic , but could  carry her tail higher. we will possible try her later in several exhibitions after more show training

Here is her pedigree, click on it and  then it gets bigger :)